Bloom Guild Membership


So. New Plan.


Our Bloom Guild workshop can’t quite go ahead as planned… But that’s okay – we have a new plan! Would you be interested in learning about growing flowers from us but virtually?

Here it is:  

1. We post you the resources you would have received at the workshop, including:


  • Plants, seeds and Spring bulbs to get you started.
  • Your own copy of the teaching notes, and the long list of resources we’ve  spent years curating.
  • A beautiful notebook, to document and plan your very own cutting patch

 …Basically you get everything you would of except morning tea. And we’ve reduced the price to reflect that. 

2. The Bloom Guild Workshop will be delivered as a live-streamed Facebook video in our closed Bloom Guild Facebook group. We’ll live-stream at the same time as the original Bloom Guild workshop would of been on Sunday 19th April, 9.30am – 12pm. We’ll do our teaching, take you on a farm tour and you can interact live, or catch up on the video in your own time.


3. As originally planned, you then get exclusive access to the Facebook group where you can document and share your progress (there’s nothing like the first flower!) and receive advice and feedback from Sophie for a whole year.


4. And when this is all over, (hopefully in Spring!) you’ll get an invitation to a “we survived the apocalypse” glass of champagne with your Bloom Guild compatriots and an in person tour of the Little Triffids Flower Farm.


You invest:

 $115 per person (incl GST)

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Photos by Emma Johnson

Can we just take a moment?

We need to thank our Local Wagga Wagga City Council for the small business grant we were so lucky to receive at the begining of this financil year.Through this grant we have been able to upgrade our flower farm to make it so much more productive and beautiful. The money bought us new seed raising gear, our fancy new fence and shade/bird netting structure, extended our weed mat and irrigation system as well as our beautiful signage so you can all find us easily! We highly reccommend you look into applying for one yourself if you have a small business.