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Little Triffids Flowers is a little business with big dreams.

Based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Little Triffids is a micro flower farm and studio florist that makes a big impression while leaving a small footprint.

In our journey to be the better kind of florist, we’ve fielded many questions about flowers, regionality and sustainability. If you want to hear more about us, reach out.

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We are a farm & florist
Little Triffids Flowers is a micro flower farm and studio florist based in Wagga Wagga. Season upon season we produce hundreds of varieties, that are lovingly nurtured and carefully picked to bring a unique aesthetic to our work. We create custom floral arrangements for individuals, couples and corporate clients.

We can’t get enough of flowers
We are captivated by and love everything about flowers. Their breathtaking ephemeral beauty and their awe-inspiring ability to ignite emotion is what inspires our creativity.

Our goal is fresh, unique & generous
We get hands-on and grow our own flowers in our own fields so we can ensure a unique aesthetic and the freshest of seasonal blooms. We believe flowers are brazenly wonderful and that they deserve abundant thinking. We only create generous arrangements and deal with flowers, products and suppliers that reflect our values and high standards.

We care deeply for the environment

We believe in doing our bit to tread lightly on the earth through our practices on farm and in studio. We are a foam-free, low-miles, local-first business and are committed to continually building our sustainability focus and green credentials.

We support local first
We love where we live and strive to build up our community. We believe in local-first, supporting other growers and suppliers from the Riverina next and prioritising Australian products before imports. And the bonus is that we keep our travel miles and carbon footprint low.




Studio & Farm


Sophie can usually be found with hands in the dirt and bum in the air, checking soil, sowing seeds and tending to the blooms. Sophie is never happier than when she’s six feet in the air fitting the rigs and fussing over the details of a major install. She’s also very fond of seeing her flowers transformed into a stunning one of a kind arrangement.


The Little Triffids story starts with two gals who well and truly caught the flower bug.

It’s a tale decorated by fond memories of Grandma’s rambling cottage garden; an idyllic quarter acre block aching to be filled with life; a creative itch that just couldn’t be scratched by anything else; a friendship that blossomed into a business partnership to the tranquil sounds of bees and birdsong (and not so tranquil squeal of babies); a shared vision to deliver the kind of flowers you can feel good about; and a commitment to always respect our Mother (Nature, that is… though the others have it in spades too).

We’ve come a long way since our first blooms in 2014… We’ve got dirt under our nails and mud on our boots. We’ve lost sleep honing our craft. We’ve sweated the small stuff, so our customers get the exact wave of emotion they asked us to deliver.


 Our micro flower farm produces thousands of flowers every year and we’re only getting bigger. We have a lovingly built studio and courtyard that also plays host to flower workshops with fellow flower obsessives. We’re completely floral foam-free and strive to work sustainably, always.

We work with local people on local projects bringing local visions to life and we absolutely love it. We have a growing reputation in the event and wedding space. And we have big dreams we’re not afraid to entertain.

When we named the business Little Triffids Flowers we had no idea that it would actually grow into this larger than life thing that has the potential to utterly consume us… but here we are. Thankfully this little triffid is far from its creepy dystopian namesake and more like a giant bunch of joy. We’ve loved getting our hands dirty in this business and we can’t wait to see what blooms next.


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Photo by Sheri McMahon

Photo by Amy Carlon

Photo by Bec Haycraft