PLEASE PUT DOWN THE SEEDLINGS! YES – This is totally fun bit BUT let’s cover some ground rules first before you start throwing your money at all the plants (Trust me – I know how hard they are to resist!).

Whilst it’s tempting to want one of everything, I’m sorry to report that you’re going to need to narrow it down a little bit. The amount of space you have to grow on of course impacts how much you can grow, but another equally important factor is the amount time and people power you have to put into your flower growing empire.

My flower farm is a tiny 20M by 10M patch, as well as a quarter acre back yard, and whilst I dream of more space all the time – I currently can’t possibly manage any more garden or farm, and even if I were to take on a farm employee, that section of my business in the market I am in wouldn’t support that person’s salary. So, I’ve worked out some ground rules to help me reign it in when it comes to deciding what to grow.

Woman gardening in her flower farm in Wagga Wagga.

Here are my 5 top tips for narrowing down what to grow.

1. Grow what you love! It take s a lot of effort growin beautiful blooms – if you feel meh about a particular flower, chances are you wont take care of it!

2. Grow what loves it where you live. There’s no point fighting nature, if no one else is growing it… there might be a reason.

3. Grow what you can sell. So maybe you love it… but does any one want to buy it???

4, Grow what maximises the output for the space you have. Some plants are one trick ponys, others pump out the blooms, the amount of space you have will determine where you put your energies!

5. Grow what makes the cut as a cut! Not all flowers make good cut flower. Dive in deep to find out wether shes more than just a pretty face.

I dive into all these tips in lots more detail in my Bloom Guild Workshop where I teach you how to grow oodles of flowers in our region. Keep an eye on my workshop page to find out when the next Bloom Guild will be held! 

Sophie xxx