Well, lucky you – you’ve received some blooms (hopefully from us!). Here are some hot florist tips on how to get the most from these ephemeral beauties.

If you received a bouquet of flowers, first things first is to unwrap those guys. I know the paper can look pretty but its main purpose is to protect the flowers in transit (okay and for presentation too – who doesn’t love gift wrapping?). But you want to take it off so the flowers aren’t being too crushed together and so you can see all your pretty blooms from all angles. Recycle that ppaer and add the ribbon to your ribbon stash (you have one of those too right?)

Next find a vase that will fit them, I recommend erring on the slightly smaller size, you can always cut your blooms down to fit, but you cant stop them from being swallowed by a vase that’s too big! Make sure the vase is very clean and then fill it with fresh tap water. Find a sharp pair of garden snips and cut a centimetre off the bottom of the flowers (or however much you need to so they sit nicely in the vase, immediately place your blooms into the water. If you would like them to “relax” into the vase a little more, cut the string that is tying them together.

For the most vase life you want to keep the water in the vase changed every day or two, re-cutting the bottom of your stems each time. You also want your flowers to be kept out of direct sunlight, and not right in front of a heater or cooler. Cooler rooms definitely help flowers last longer but more important is to not let the temperature fluctuate too wildly!

Remember some flowers live longer than others, just pull out and compost those short lived lovelies so the more robust blooms can hang out in all their glory.

If you received flowers in a vase it’s a little bit simpler – every two days tip the water out of the vase by carefully holding the stems to one side and gently tipping out as much water as you can sideways and then completely refill with fresh tap water, as near to the rim as you dare!

Finally don’t forget to stop and sniff your blooms! We use local, seasonal fresh flowers that are safe to sniff! Enjoy!