… Or rather why we make gorgeous vase arrangements instead! The cardboard box arrangement has been a a staple of the floral industry for some time, but it is not an item I’ve ever gotten behind on my menu of floral offerings, and here’s why. In order to put flowers in a cardboard box you need to first line the box with plastic and then second, put a brick of floral foam in the box. Two items which never break down and have really toxic consequences for the environment – a shame when we’re working with a beautiful natural product wouldn’t you say?!

Aside from the environmental disaster that cello wrap and floral foam is, I also much prefer to arrange with flowers in a more organic method. Instead of cardboard boxes, we use simple, elegant ceramic vases filled with a ball of chicken wire for our floral arrangements. Not only does this mean the flowers are being placed in fresh water that you can easily top up (keeping those flowers lasting for much, much longer), it also makes for a much more ‘garden-esque’ style of arrangement – aka the Little Triffids touch. Delicate and dainty stems can be added, sweeping natural movement can be created and for me – a much more pleasing design is the outcome! So next time you’re ordering flowers for delivery think about whether the person will have a vase already that they can pop them in and if not, ask your florist for a vessel that is floral foam free and can be reused for flowers to come!

Sophie x

Florist and flower farmer sophie in her Wagga Wagga studio with bright fresh flowers